Review of Coolicool Wristband external battery + bonus accessory w/lots of pics!!!

Review of Coolicool Wristband external battery + bonus accessory w/lots of pics!!!
I have done my fair share of battery reviews in this forum (just check my signature link), and made a decision that I’m not doing any low capacity ext battery reviews unless it’s something very unique and cheap. This wristband external battery definitely qualifies as both! It’s funny how every time I read about smartwatches and their poor battery life, this battery always pops into my head as something they can use as a wristband to clip their watch to lol!!! You never know, when you are away on a trip or outdoors maybe someone decides to use it, although it obviously will be a challenge with all these smartwatches that use a proprietary charging connector. But one thing this wrist band can be used for sure – when you are watching movies or recording videos or playing video games. It will come handy in any situation where you want to give your smartphone extra juice while using/holding your phone with your original case on (no need to hold separately an external battery or to get special battery case).

Advertised as 1500 mAh capacity, I wasn’t quite sure how comfortable it will fit on my wrist (I do have a small wrist) and how heavy it’s going to feel. To my pleasant surprise I found this wristband battery to be very light at only 85 grams and with its soft silicone mold it was very comfortable to wear. Silicone material completely wraps and seals around it so there is no worries especially when you are outdoors. The battery cells stored in 6 rectangular sections, and there is a separate section in the middle with a sealed power button and 4-led indicator. Such design makes it very flexible to wrap around your wrist. It locks with a snap button and you get two position for a smaller and a bigger wrist. The middle power section has mini-usb connector which is used to charge the wristband battery and also to charge other devices connected to it. For that occasion included in the package is a total of 13 different tips. I’m pretty sure I have seen some for Nokia phones from 6 years ago lol!!! The most important, you get your micro-usb adapter and that’s all that you will probably need.
From a spec perspective, this battery doesn’t have the fastest input or output charging speed and neither does it has a super high capacity.

Charging speed of the battery is not a big deal since the capacity is not that high anyway. Charging speed of the device is probably close to advertised 750 mA, where using my Galaxy Charging current app it showed 600 mA and I know that app is not accurate. When I was timing charging my phone, the charging speed was more in line with 750 mA. And speaking of charging, based on the % of my battery charged in the phone, it translated into the actually capacity of closer to 1650 mAh, which is higher then labeled 1500 mAh. That was the biggest surprise considering the actual capacity is typically 30% lower then labeled. For a phone like my Note 2 with 3100 mAh battery this will obviously not charge the full battery and will not do it at max 2A charge speed, but it will definitely help if you are watching a movie or playing a video game from draining your battery. The most important point of it – the convenience of being able to wear it on your wrist while holding the phone.

Overall, I’m not saying this is a must have accessory for everybody, and for emergency back up charging of your phone you would probably want to look into 10k-15k mAh capacity batteries. BUT, for the purpose of convenience this wristband battery was designed for – it does an Excellent job, feels very comfortable, provides actually a nice chunk of battery boost, and cost about $20 plus change. And the reason I like to deal with for such gadget purchases because I prefer their customer service, selection, and them always take care of you if something doesn’t work. Buying from ebay is like playing russian roulette.

Here are the pictures.


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