*50% OFF Just $6.50* 2600mAh Mobile External Power Battery Charger for Digital Devices

Hi everybody,
We have the 2600mAh Mobile External Power Battery Charger, only now it’s 50% off!
So let’s quick look at the external battery. :)
External Power Battery Charger1
There are two colors – black and white, fit for all mobile phone like all Apple,Samsung, LG, HTC etc with the USB charge cable.
Here is the picture of the size.
External Power Battery Charger2
It’s easy to use, just connect the external battery to your smartphone, then it’s starting to charge.
You can see there is a Key Ring, so you can put it with your keys or hang somewhere, just convenient to carry.
Capacity:                  2600mAh
Input:                       DC 5.0V – 0.5A
Output:                     DC 5.0V – 1A
Battery type:              18650 Lithium-ion battery
Compatible with Apple,Samsung, LG,HTC etc.
Fit for all mobile phone with your own USB charge cable.
More pictures:
External Power Battery Charger7External Power Battery Charger3External Power Battery Charger4External Power Battery Charger5External Power Battery Charger6
You can find it from coolicool:
Just $6.50! Good external battery with good price! hurry to get one.

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